Practice Areas - Sharon Hanam & Co.

Table of Contents

Real Estate –

  • Purchase and Sale contracts or residential, commercial or unoccupied property.
  • Rent and management of commercial and residential real estate properties.
  • Construction agreements.
  • Real estate taxation including government and municipal taxes.
  • Real estate disputes.
  • Property registration and research.
  • Land use and zoning.
  • Claims of forced sale, receiverships and liquidations of property.

Inheritance Law -

  • Obtaining Probate Orders.
  • Obtaining Succession Orders.
  • Inheritance disputes.
  • Wills contesting.
  • Estates administration.
  • Estates division among heirs.
  • Property registration in the name of the heirs.

International Commercial Law -

  • Representation of foreign clients in business matters.
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments in Israel.
  • International conventions.
  • Debt collection in Israel.
  • Cross-border transactions.
  • Legal advice in international matters.
  • Collaborations with several law offices from Europe and USA.
  • Commercial and business agreements.
  • Distributorship and agencies agreements.
  • Entrepreneurship agreements.
  • Loan and financing agreements.
  • Ongoing legal counsel.
  • Establishment of companies and partnerships.
  • Founders and investments agreements.
  • Shareholders agreements.
  • Shares selling, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings.

Immigration Law -

  • Representation of foreign clients in the process of obtaining Work Permits.
  • Representation of foreign clients in the process of obtaining B-1 visa for experts.
  • Representation of foreign clients in the process of B-1 visa extension.

Litigation -

Legal representation and appearance in complex cases, in inheritance, real estate, commercial and other disputes, before all instances.

Banking Law -

  • Dormant bank accounts.
  • Division of bank accounts to heirs/beneficiaries.
  • Search and release of bank accounts.
  • Release of Pension Funds.
  • Legal representation against banks.

Family Office Services

  • Long-term investment strategy.
  • Real and financial property management.
  • Inheritance tax and estate planning.
  • Assistance in business matters.
  • Reports to the tax authorities.
  • Regular updates to our clients.
  • Full legal representation in case of disputes or legal issues.

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Notary Public and Apostille Services:

We provide full Notary Public services, including:

  • Notary Certification of True Translation.
  • Authentication of Signature and Declaration.
  • Certification of Making a Will .
  • Apostille Certificates according to the Hague Convention.